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our roles
• supervision / co-ordination audio, video & IT
• pre-production: planning and execution (recording, editing, mixing, mastering) of basically all
audio and video recordings used during the show, including exterior recordings in New York City, Dresden (D), Sharpeville (RSA), Ayutthaya (TH)
development & design of a multi-screen realtime interactive video-instrument with synchronised high-resolution video and multi-channel audio playback (MeRit)
• design and operation of
ambisonic surround sound system
live electronics (concept, programming and performing)
documentary production (a/v edit, mix, mastering)
Andrea Molino
Fabrica, Brisbane Festival
WINNERS is a multimedia music project created by Fabrica Musica and Brisbane Festival. The project explores - through music and performance - the culture of victory - the common political and social tendency to categorize people, nations, cultures and human issues as winners and losers.

WINNERS is a global project. Different languages and disciplines complement one another to build a new form of communication. Music, video, theatre, arts, design and new communication technologies amalgamate to become an integral part of the project.

The World Premiere has been first presented on 22 July 2006 at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane as part of the Brisbane Festival program.

On October 18, 2006 the production had its European Premiere in the Centre Pompidou (Grande Salle).

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photo credits: Francesco Meneghini
in charge
Holger Stenschke, Cornelius Bohn, Giulio Tami