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William Barton
SONGLINES is an original project created by William Barton in collaboration with Delmae Barton and Suzanne Savage (vocals) and three percussionists - Hai-Ting Liao, Cory Hills and Josh Hogan - during their time at Fabrica between January and July 2005.

William Barton, young virtuoso of the didjeridoo, who is also Native of the Australian Outback, has composed an original score for didgeridoo, string quartet, soprano solo and percussion ensemble which seeks to connect the meaning of the land for Aboriginal Australians, and the meaning that landscape holds for Italian people. The piece explores the way that stories and songs are used in both cultures to pass on oral history and meaning.

The concert was performed in July at the Lucea Music Festival in Caserta (I)

Video: Carlos Casas
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