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Andrea Molino
Le Fresnoy
World Premiere: June 6, 2008 –
Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Lille

"Categories such as simultaneity, temporal linearity, univocity of the concept of duration (that is, memory) not only form part of the everyday arsenal of the musician. They are the pillars on which stand all possible types of communication through which the entire information exchange system within a community is transmitted: its culture.
Closer inspection, however, shows how this construct of elements is not as solid as it might appear. The identification of possible "deviations" from the system of collective conventions can liberate a surprising charge of linguistic and expressive potential: for example, a series of perceptual illusions that can prove stimulating, interesting and amusing.
The purpose of the present project is precisely to explore its vocabulary, by employing in the musical field and in the context of a concert the linguistic possibilities of the new communication technologies. The project, produced by Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains and published by RAI Trade, is performed by David Moss (vocalist), Michele Marelli (basset horn), Marco Giovinazzo (percussions) and Emmanuelle Fitamant (actress), and features a.o. video materials from the project "We, On Death Row" by Oliviero Toscani."

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