our roles
• software development / research (MeRit)
• video shooting, editing & direction
• conceptual collaboration
Paolo Fresu
Auditorium di Roma
multimedia project presented by the Fondazione Musica per Roma and performed in Rome on January 13, 2008. Featuring the celebrated Italian jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu and friends, The project took place simultaneously in all three concert halls and in the foyers of Rome's Auditorium - Parco della Musica. An interactive sound and video system made such simultaneous performances possible and was an important contribution to an event connecting different spaces and different audiences.
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in charge
Holger Stenschke, Giulio Tami
excerpt 1 *double solo':
MeRit was used to sample a trumpet solo (audio & video in HD) performed live by Paolo Freso in Sala Sinopoli (left) which was played back a couple of minutes later during a solo he performed in Sala Santa Cecilia (right) Paolo Freso was able to interact 'with himself'.
excerpt 2 *fresu running':
During the parts of the concert when Paolo left one concert hall for another, MeRit allowed us to sample live camera footage (top left) and control the playback of that material in real-time (top right) to musically interact with a playback of pre-produced back stage material (bottom). The result was projected simultaneously in all three concert halls